Joan Raylle


Chemical Engineer and Writer Extraordinaire


Why Multipassionate Joan?

I once asked myself, how can I describe myself with one word since I love so many things?

Hence, the word ‘multipassionate’ was born (which is just a literal combination of the word ‘multiple’ and ‘passion’).

And Joan is just my name.

Why do you write?

To be honest, I’m embarrassed to say that I do not have a solid reason on why I write. I just love them.

Maybe it’s because I have no confidence in speaking that I express myself more eloquently, freely, and cohesively in my writing. 

Are you good at writing?

I am neither good or bad with my words, because I write by ears. So you might spot more than a handful of mistakes here and there. Forgive me.

Are you human?

Probably not. I think, I’m more like a plastic bag, or a homicidal cat. Leaning more towards the cat, to be honest.

Are you open for criticism?


-Serverus Snape-

Have you published a book?

Coming soon in 2019

Are you looking for a partner to take over the world?

Nope. I ain’t sharing none part of the world with humans.

Are you open for a platonic/romantic relationship?

At the age of 2 decades, I have met with a lot of people. And though there were some regretful encounter, it was undeniable that I have met a lot of beautiful people through them. So, with that in mind, I am open for a platonic relationship as long as you respect my boundaries. As for romantic relationship, I am very cautious and intimate. Therefore, if the relationship pursue does not have the intention of courtship, then its better not to begin at all.


World-Domination 100%
Writing 91%
Sarcasm 89%
Awkward Flirting 100%
Self Concious 83%
Yoga 61%
Cooking 77%
Banana 50%
Sewing 41%
Cuddles 85%
Unfunny Jokes and Puns 86%

About me

This is Joan Raylle

Hello, I am not a banana.
I am an undergraduate Chemical-Engineering student with a passion for multiple aspect in life. I want to conquer the world with fiction, cats, and sarcasm. I hate cucumber and cabbage, but still eat them just to show off. I sing off-key and I like chocolates with tea. 

I am an introvert among extrovert, but an extrovert among introvert. I don’t like taking phone calls and presentation, but I love taking pictures

People often underestimate my ability to be an asshole, but that’s okay, I like proving them wrong each time. I prefer animals rather than humans, but I still vote for human and not aliens. I speak gibberish, but I write eloquently most of the time.

I am a Catholic but at the same time I am also a female. I love green more than pink, but pink more than red. Take your time to know me, and I’ll be sure to entertain you with my writings.

What do I write?


In my head, there are countless worlds that I have explored. Quest and adventure that only I was able to go on. Villains and enemies that I’ve beaten. Hostages and innocents that I saved and rescued. Friends and lovers I have lost. Yet, people will never know of the other world and possibilities that exists. That is why, I write them. To enable others to see from my perspective. My heroes. My villains. My lost. My wins. My battles. My victories. All of them are told within this fiction world I write. Read. Listen. Join.


This is where I claimed my rights on freedom of speech. Although people may contradict and oppose, that is what it meant to speak out.

Experiences & Memories

In video games, we might be able to restart when we die. But reality is sweeter, it only gives us one life. To experience and to create wonders for ourselves. And each of us lives in different path, and this is mine.

Ideas & Brainfarts

There are times where my brain cough up random thoughts that could be an amazing idea (such as a story prompt, a life hack, a poem, a new book title and such) but there are also moments where my brain gives out small, interesting – though not entirely good – idea that can even stun me. So, instead of just keeping my insanity to myself, I will share them with you, here.