About Joan Raylle

Hello, I am not a banana

Hello, and welcome. This is the page where I give a brief introduction on what this place is all about, and why you are here (probably because you are in love with me)

​Hullo humans, I am a Chemical Engineering undergraduate student with passion for literature and many more stuff. Catch me in the act of falling in love with my passion.

Multipassionate Joan??


This place is known as “Multipassionate Joan” because well, I have multiple passion.

As I have stated, I am a multi passionate person. My passion range from Jesus to fanfiction to study to family to food to anime and more more more. And it doesn’t just end there, it continues to grow and evolve (like one of those pokemon-thingy) as I continue to live.

I love writing. I have a passion towards words. Because, I think that through words, I am able to stretch my self overcoming my boundaries and insecurities.

I have a dream to publish my own novel one day. But right now, my talent still need polishing, so I have to focus on one thing at a time. Step-by-step through the guidance of the Almighty Father Ever Loving.

Though I love writing and reading, my passion also resides in Science, as I can’t help but marvel at God’s complex yet simply beautiful creation. I want to be amaze by His handwork and I want to marvel at every complicated things that I can never fully grasp nor understand. He is just that awesome and that’s why I choose Him.

I have an alter ego, Ayu. My best friend and my sister that resides inside me. People call it personality disorder, but I call it a blessing. Because there are times where I don’t know what might happened to me if she weren’t there . Okay that’s all for now, I’ll try writing a post of myself later on and you’ll see just how much words you need to read just to understand the tip of my iceberg.

‘Joan’ was actually my confirmation name, inspired by the one and only “St. Joan d’Arc”.

Now, that’s the brief part. For more, I’m open at my dm and email