What better way to ruin your already crumbling sanity other than by reading fanfiction.

Honest talk people, you’re probably a part of a book/movie/tvshow/games/anime/manga/etc cult if you’re too hung up on it. And sometimes, there comes a certain scene, or certain flow of story that we either agree or disagree of. And this, my fellow humans, is what we call canon.

So, if we do agree on a canon, such as shipping one character with another. Then, we will never have enough of their skinship or bonding or interaction, so we’ll probably end up in the fanfiction area to indulge ourselves with this little guilty pleasures of ours.

Same goes when you disagree with the canon, such as a character death. This my friend, does not mean that you are not a true fan, you’d still watch/read/ play it, but you would prefer an alternative ending towards that character if posible. Thus, you are very likely to stumble upon fanfiction while searching Google for the possibility of said character’s survival. And when you do, you’ll probably find out 3 months later, when you are so engrossed in it, that the story that you read is not canon at all. By so, defaulting your defeat.

Well, ladies and gentleman, babies and elephant, this section will be about me discussing fanfiction problems, fanfiction recommendation, fanfiction genre, fanfiction writers, and all that you want to know about fanfiction.

Hello Authors

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