She’ll show you

She’s not a princess that needs your ass to save her.

She’s a queen that’s going to be by your side leading the bloody war.

She doesn’t wear tiaras and ball gown .

She wears armors and swords.

She doesn’t cry when enemies come her way.

She pull her chin up, look them in their eyes, and fight them with her 7-inch stilettos heels.


There will never be agony on her face.

There will only be hope and strength, and it’s endless.

And she will win.

Whether you like it or not.

She’ll win.

She’ll win with a smile and her crown proudly on her head. .


When the battle is won,

she’ll be grace,

and she’ll be warmth,

she’ll be happiness,

and she’ll not only have you heads over heels,

but she’ll make your feelings go haywire and you’ll jammed up your emotion like no other.


She’s not a sissy for your pity,

she’s a motherfucker who’ll run havoc in your dull world.

And every time you see her, even with dullness in the air,

you’ll realize grey can be beautiful too.



-written  by Joan Raylle©

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